Saturday, June 14, 2008

Look what a little sun can do

For a few hours yesterday the sun decided to stop by for a brief visit and some of my peonies finally bloomed. We are yet to get an actual full day of sun. When I went to the grocery store yesterday to temp said 54. At least the precipitation was only a light sprinkling, almost a "mist" if you will, which any true Washingtonian will tell you, "that doesn't really count as actual rain". However, when the sun did poke through my flowers look full advantage of it.

A few years ago I got two gorgeous peonies for Mother's Day. They were big and pink and fabulous. I say "were" because last year only one came back. I've never had that happen before. So now I my front bed is not symmetrical. I know that should not bother me, but it does. I was at costco the other day and they had BIG gallon peonies for $10. I should have grabbed them, but I had a bunch of kids with me, the place was a zoo and I figured, I'll come back. Well, the really fun thing about costco is that whatever you make that special trip for, they will not have it. A lesson I seem to be unable to learn. If you see something at costco that you like, BUY IT!! Not only buy it, but buy all they have because the more you like something, the better chance you will never see it again. But I digress...

This is the first year, my peony has more than one bud. I went out a while ago and "debudded" it to help with bigger blooms. Do you do that?? It sure seemed to help. These babies are big a beautiful. I really want to cut some and bring them inside. However, I know they will last longer outside.

Now if only we can get a few more hours of sun, something else might bloom. I have about 6 dahlias that I have trying to grow despite the lack of sun. Unfortunately, our recent windstorm reeked a little havoc on our fence and it has turned into a construction zone. My poor little dahlias. Who exactly trampled them is still unknown. It seems like we have had a visit from the pesky "Not Me" and "Ida know".
Oh well, I'm kid free today and the one nice thing about cool and overcast is that working in the yard is rather pleasant. We are having side yards cleared out which will be nice. I would really like to get the patio all cleared off and cleaned up so we can have a nice place for Father's Day.

I'm not sure what we are doing "officially". Joji has been "greenlighted" for a new grill (this is probably the best weekend to shop for one) and we will see what he decided to do. I figure the better the grill he has, the more he will want to grill. I made chicken satay last night and it was sooooo good. Of course, when asked by Joji's mom why was the chicken so good, Joji said, because he was the one who cooked it. I played along since it was his mom and she was astounded that her son actually cooked something other than top ramen.


Jenny said...

The peonies are beautiful. Well done.
We don't celebrate Father's Day until September. Funny.
By grill do you mean BBQ?

Elise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Laurie Anne!! The flowers are gorgeous! Loved your GW finds-that place is my home away from home!!