Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For Timi: Frito Bandito

This probably you won't nab you the title of Top Chef, but it is easy to make, fun to eat and no dishes to clean up.

Heat up your favorite chili

Clip the side of a frito bag (yes, it must be the long side for optimal eating)

Add Chili

Add Cheese




Timi said...

I LOVE IT!!! I'm so steeling that idea. WSU Laura's boys might love it too. I now my husband will. I'm almost scared to show him your posting as we will have to start having it everyday here once he sees it! Getting the concept down correctly you know?
Then he will show my dad and that's all my dad will want me to fix on Sunday's for dinner.
Love it and we are so using!

~ Jamie ~ said...

I showed it to my husband who is my son's Scoutmaster. Perfect for camping!

Marie said...

Uh ok, this looks really yummy and easy. I think my kid could do this when he is crying an hour after breakfast that he is hungry!!! Thanks for sharing this so easy and yummy looking secret recipe ( I know it must be because I have never seen anything like this before!!!).

WSU Laura said...

LOL. My boys (husband included) are going to love this! We will test it out on the week-long trip and then I am sure they will introduce all the cub scouts to it on their camping trip in August. Yummy and inspired.