Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fabu Find

This past Saturday my mom and I did our usual garage saling. Since the weather has been less than stellar so has the garage saling. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Well, the sun was actually out (for a while) on Saturday so we drove around looking for treasures. By far my biggest score was this tray.
Now some of you might recognize this tray. You too may have been invited to a Southern Living at Home party. Now don't get me wrong, truth be told, I like the stuff. I think a lot of it is really pretty. However, I do NOT like the price tags. This little baby is listed in the catalog for 70 bucks (not including tax and shipping) I however paid a whoppin' $2.

I like the Fleur de lis details on it and I think it will look really great when I dress my hutch for fall. Right now it is a little "heavy" for all the pink dishes I have in there now. Most of the SLAH stuff in my house I have gotten from garage sales and craiglist. Joji gave me a hard time once because I spent the afternoon in the car driving 20 miles to buy a cookbook stand for $5. The really sad thing is that I had just purchased the identical stand a few weeks earlier at a party for almost $50. Foolish I know. But you have to buy something at those parties and I already have the items under $20. What is a girl to do??

Ben is feeling better today so he and Joj went to go watch our friends clear trees at their job site. Ben gets to chop wood all day and is as happy as a clam. I was going to putter, but Holly called and we are hitting the beach. It is still gray, but not as windy. We should have the beach to ourselves and that will be nice.
Speaking of nice, I just had to share a pic of some flowers I cut from my mom and dad's house. We don't know what kind they are, but they are the best roses. They are long steamed, hardly any thorns and spell fantastic. If anyone knows what kind they are I would love to know. Of course, they are my favorite shade of pale pink and I love how they look in my cobalt vase.
Happy Wednesday Everyone :0)


Megan said...

I have no idea what kind of roses they are but they sure are beautiful. I'm so jealous of your time at the beach! We're here in the desert where it hit 115 yesterday. We're pretty much holed up in the house for the next few months. This must be what hibernating feels like!

Timi said...

Score on the garage sale stuff Sista!!! I love those kind of garage sale days when you come home with find after find.
Your roses are so beautiful. The deer have done a number on ours as well as the weeds. It's a sad state of affairs here at the House of B's!