Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you worthy??

So with my garage sale pending for Saturday (the ONLY day with raindrops on the five day forecast) I thought it might be fun to share the rules that my mom and I use to determine if a garage sale is worthy for us to stop.

1. Have good signs.
Nice handwriting and easy to read are a must. If your signs are trashy looking it makes us think that your stuff will be too. You also get extra credit for bright colors.
Putting the date and time of the sale are also appreciated. Nothing is worse than trying to track down a sale that was held two weeks ago.
If you don't live off the main drag, put signs at every turn. You want folks to find you right??
2. Curb Appeal
Part of the garage sale dance is the slow the car down to peruse your stuff. Make sure that folks can see what you have before they have to get out of the car. If everything is hiding in your garage, we probably won't stop. At least have a couple of good "teaser" items close to the curb so it makes folks want to see more.
3. Displaying your wares
One of our big no no's is having stuff on the ground especially clothing. We do not want to be crawling around to see what you have. Make sure stuff is either folded nicely (yes, it will get all messed up, but refolding it will give you something to do during the down time) or hanging up.
Clean your stuff. It sounds simple, but no one wants to buy a dirty anything.
Organize by categories. Like stuff with like stuff. Think like a store. We are much more likely to stay and browse if it looks like you put some effort into your displays.
Cover those tables. Stuff just looks nicer when on a table with a tablecloth or sheet.
4. Pricing
Have your stuff clearly marked. Nothing drives me crazy like an unpriced garage sale. Don't ask me what I think it is worth, because it will probably be a lot less then what you want.
Don't tell me how much you paid for it. I don't care. If you are trying to get rich, put your stuff on Craigslist or ebay. It is a garage sale and folks are looking for bargains.
Expect to haggle. I need nothing that I'm buying. The thrill is purely in the hunt and the thrill of that great score.

There you have it. Our "rules". Of course now we must also follow these rules ourselves which means some work between now and Saturday. Today will be spent pulling out more items to sell and start pricing. Most stuff will be $5 or less. I have a couple pieces of furniture. I have a waterfall vanity that I bought about 15 years ago (at a garage sale) from a man to claimed to be Stevie Nicks' uncle. He told me that he use to change her diapers on it. Don't know if it's true or not, but make an interesting story. Will keep you posted on the progress.


Marie said...

Good luck on your yard sale. I have never had good luck with a sale. I always have people come and offer me soooo much less then the already great price I am asking. Like last year I had a great recliner that was worth over $200 that I was asking only $25 that some guy came by and offered only $10 for. WTHeck!!! But as with all my yard sales... I cannot stand hauling it all back into the house so I begrudgingly take whatever anyone offers so I don't have to bring it back in and then haul it all to the Goodwill another day! I hate it. I guess that it why I have been so careful to not bring anymore stuff in the house then I absolutely need. The older I get the wiser!!! Again, good luck with your sale, I hope you do really well!!!

WSU Laura said...

I totally agree with all of your "rules". Damn I am going to be camping (big surprise) this weekend. Maybe Timi can make it down to the sale. Good luck, can't wait to hear all the stories of your successful G-sale.

~ Jamie ~ said...

I was wondering what your garage sale rules were. Thanks for sharing them. They are great rules. Especially the one about having items set out where we can see it when we drive by. I won't stop unless I see something interesting. Hey, btw, was that me you tagged? Loved your answers. Good luck with the sale!

Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

Ha - so true! I especially agree with everything you said under "Pricing." Thanks for visiting our blog, too!