Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Catching up

I'm breaking down and having a garage sale with my mom. I'm not sure why, I ALWAYS swear I will never do another one, but here we go again. So now the house is topsy turvy as I pull stuff for the sale. I'm really trying to be ruthless. I need stuff gone. I need to have emptiness in my life. Does anyone else feel that way??? I want to open closets without the contents crashing at my feet. I want to end the never ending game of Jenga that seems to be my house right now. So slowly, I purge one room at a time. It gets a little overwhelming, but I'm telling myself it will be all worth it.
One of the biggest challenges, it the pricing of stuff. I'm torn between what I would pay for stuff and what I want other people to pay for my stuff. I pulled a ton of clothes from Ben and it is nice stuff. My gut says a buck an item, but I think I could get two. I have to remind myself how much I hate at garage sales when folks tell me how much they paid for everything and what a deal their over priced stuff is. I will probably go for a buck. I have to remember who is my clientele. Around here there are a lot of Hispanic and Russian families and they will be the ones who are buying the clothes. I want the stuff gone, right??
As for the "fun" stuff, I think we will have a pretty decent selection. In fact I think most of the stuff will probably be other garage sale treasures that have served their purpose and now someone else can give them a new home. Isn't that the beauty of garage saling?? You get your stuff for cheap and then there is no dilemma of "I paid so much for this, I just can't get rid of it". It is actually a little bit freeing. I will definitely post more about the garage sale later this week. My mom and I have all these rules for garage sales we attend to we must make sure our sale will be up to snuff.

About a million years ago Marie and Timi tagged me. So here are my VERY interesting answers (hehe)

Four things you should know about me before you invite me over:
1. If you have a beautiful and immaculate home, DO NOT tell me about your lack luster housekeeping skills. This makes me dislike you. If you have lack luster housekeeping skills, I will not judge, but understand and welcome you into the sisterhood. You will also score extra credit bravery points. (However, I do draw the line at dirty laundry on display, no one wants to see the not so whitey tighties.)
2. If you we are just hanging out, please do not fuss. If I'm there for an actual event please DO fuss. When I "entertain" I make sure my guests are well fed and taken care of and I appreciate when others do as well. If you throw a party please provide more than a roof. I guess I'm old school, but unless you are hosting an official potluck, don't invite folks and expect them to bring their own food and drink.
3. I will always want "the tour", but will wait until it is offered. I understand there are public and private spaces in a house and will respect the fact that not all rooms are showroom ready. I do love looking at houses and seeing how they are decorated. I find it so inspiring, so please don't feel offended if I steal a really cute idea from your home. I'm kind of a house junkie.
4. If I'm coming over, have a plan for your kids. They don't have to be gone, just make sure they won't be bugging us every two seconds. I'm there to see you, not watch you parent the entire time. I love kids, but a front row seat to a tantrum is not fun for anyone.

The ABC's of Me
A: Attached or Single: Married 10 years
B: Best Friend: Jenny P.
C: Cake or pie? Cake with butter cream frosting
D: Day of Choice? Thursdays
E: Essential item? Diet Mt. Dew
F: Favorite color? Blue
G: Gummy bears or worms? Worms the sour kind
H: Home Town: Federal Way
I: Favorite indulgence? Pedicure
J: January or July? July
K: Kids? 2
L: Life isn't complete without? Beauty in everyday things
M: Marriage date? April 3, 1998
N: Number of sibs? 2 brothers
O: Oranges or apples? Apples
P: Phobias: Heights
Q: Quote: Less is more
R: Reasons to smile: my kiddos
S: Season of choice? Fall
T: Tag 5 folks Timi, Jamie, Jenny, Laura, Holly
U: Unknown fact about me: I have small ears
v: Vegetable? Artichokes
W: Worst habit: Not finishing things and following through
X: Xray or ultra sound? ultra sound
Y: Your favorite food? Depends on my mood
Z: Zodiac sign: Cancer


Jenny said...

There you go - I learnt lots about you from the ABC. And I agree with you about the dirty washing thing mentioned in your tag.

I'd say probably go for $1 as you do want to get rid of the stuff, and not let it creep back in.

Timi said...

Hey Thanks for playing! I'm so inviting you to my house.

Your garage sale.........YOU GO WITH YOUR BAD SELF!!
I'm so proud of you for purging. The Hubs and I have been talking about it for 2 years. He has boxes that have 4, yes FOUR military moving stickers on them. It means they have been moved 4 times by 4 different moving companies. He has no idea what is in them. He opens them, looks in, say crap I don't know, shuts the box and puts them back. I just found 3 boxes of stuff that I have moved at least 3 times. They are boxes full of junk drawers. The drawers just got dumped in a box and sealed up. I guess I figured it was going to take too much time to go through.
You have inspired me! I'm going to start purging. We are going to have a sale!
Thank you for the tag. I'll get on it.

debra said...


I would invite you over any day! You will see that I have lackluster housekeeping skills too. :)
Have a great garage sale! I admire you - it's alot of hard work. It sounds like it will be worth it. I am totally with you about needing stuff gone. I am very slowly working on it. My husband has nixed the garage sale idea & I don't want to do it alone so we are good friends w/ the folks at St Vincents.
Have a great day!