Friday, August 8, 2008

Who is your 80's hunk

How fun is this??
I LOVED Jason Bateman on Silver Spoons and It's Your Move. I always thought he would have made the perfect Chandler Bing. Oh well, I'm glad to see he is working more these days. I think he looks as good now as he did then.

Your 80s Hunk Is

Jason Bateman

Yes, I'm putting off preparing for my garage sale. I'm secretly wishing a big storm would roll in and then I would have an excuse to take everything to Goodwill. Anyone know a good raindance??


Jenny said...

I got Kirk Cameron.
I really like Jason Bateman though - well maybe that is now.
I love the shows he has been in recently.

debra said...

Jason Bateman is my 80's hunk too. Who'd have thought?? That was a fun quiz.
Hope the garage sale is a big hit (just in case it doesn't rain!)