Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet your teacher

We found out yesterday who the kids have and I must say I am happy. Not to sound like an obnoxious mom with perfect kids, but I am very lucky to have "easy kids". They could be in any classroom and do fine. They like school and it comes pretty easy for them. So of course, all of the teacher drama is purely me and I can admit it.

I want a teacher who likes kids (you'd be surprised) is excited about teaching and has good communication with parents. That really isn't a tall order or at least it shouldn't be. I'm happy with who the kids got. Sam got my friend Holly who also was Ben's K teacher. I adore Holly and so does Sam. I don't know Ben's teacher too well yet, but she was always friendly around school and I've heard good things. Ben could really care less, he found out some friends were in his class so he is happy.
Tonight is Meet the Teacher Night. I'm so glad I have nothing to do with this event. I just get to go and say "hi" and then get the heck out of Dodge before the drama (and there is always drama) starts.

This summer zoomed by so quickly. Back to school for the kids means I will start working as well. I've signed up to sub in 2 districts as well as continue testing for the ESL program. Hopefully that will go smoothly. I'm so nervous to sub. I know I have forgotten how much energy it takes to wrangle kids. I think I will try and start with half day sub jobs. I really don't want to work more than 1 or 2 days a week. We shall see. It will definitely be an interesting Fall.

And now for something completely different...

WSU Laura gave me an award. What a sweetie. I found her through another blog's blog roll I read and her blog name caught my eye since I'm a wannabe coug. Anyway, her blog always makes me smile and if you haven't checked it out, you should.
Another sweetie you should check out is Marie. She also passed this award on to me a while back. Marie is always stopping by and checking in. She is fun and creative. She is actually getting a headstart on Christmas stuff. How uber organized is that?? Seriously, she's great. Stop by and say hi.

Last but not least...
The pic of Miss Beadle is from one of my favorite episodes of Little House. It is the one where Laura finds all the fool's gold and dreams about coming into town in a beautiful white carriage and bringing Miss Beadle a huge basket of apples. I love the look on Miss Beadle's face when Nelly then gives her the rotten apple. She shrugs and hucks it over her shoulder. Wasn't Little House the best show? I never missed it and I could not go to bed until Laura jumped in the air during the end credits.

Okay, enough rambling. Gotta get going. There is actually some sun today, so I should run my errands before the rain comes back.
Happy Humpday :0)


debra said...

Glad the teachers are good ones. Always a relief.

Oh, I loved Little House too. I am starting to read some of the books with my daughter but she's not quite into them yet.

~ Jamie ~ said...

I love Little House also. We bought the DVD's and now my daughter is totally into them too! I remember the episode you talked about, too funny! Good luck with your sub teaching.

Timi said...

Congrats on your blog awards! You go with your bad self!
I have some more recipes I'm going to post in the next couple days. The scone recipe is really the best!

I loved Little House On The Praire! I too never missed an episode. I loved the Laura Ingles Wilder books before the show started. My 3rd grade teacher introduced me them and I was hooked!
Have a great evening!