Thursday, August 14, 2008

A recipe and nod to the past

When one is trying to watch what they eat they should probably avoid having really good treats in the house. I have survived multiple batches of cookies (I truly believe the more I bake of something the less appealing it becomes)but then Ben requested I make some nut goodie bars and now I'm in trouble.

These little suckers are so yummy. I think they taste like a baby ruth bar which has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. I made them 2 days ago and I think Ben has had one. I, on the other hand, keep "testing" them. I finally had to put them in the freezer. We went to the Brown's last night for dinner and more running and the plan was to take a bunch over there, but forgot them, ugh. Oh well, I'm sure I can pawn them off on someone :0) If you like to live dangerously, here is the recipe. You can click to make it larger.

Speaking of recipes...I love it when I get recipes handwritten on actual recipe cards. I had always wanted to retype all my recipes into the computer and make it all fancy, but then I read somewhere about how the handwriting of the giver was part of the history of that recipe.

This is "the green cookbook". I have all of "my" recipes in it. You can tell by the splattered cover this baby gets a lot of use. It has to be good to make in here.(yes that is the back of a Bisquik box peeking out the bottom. I keep my bisuik in a jar and I can never remember the waffle recipe) It is also where I put the recipes that are given to me. Here are two recipes that are special to me.

The first one is from my grandma. It is for a Hungarian potato bread. I miss my grandma. How could I retype that. The second one is from my dear friend Megan who shared the secret of the perfect crust. Every time I flip through my book I see these and think of my friends and family. Isn't that part of the cooking tradition? Someday before Ben and Sam leave the nest, my plan is to make them a "green book" as well full of their favorite recipes handwritten, of course, by mom.


~ Jamie ~ said...

It's so hard for me not to eat the goodies if they're in the house! Be strong! That is so neat that you have a recipe written in you grandma's handwriting. Very special.

Marie said...

OMGosh they looks DELISH!!! Great recipe! I am just passing on the word that Linda is having a fall giveaway, visit her blog here: . And when I finally catch my breath from all I am working on, I may just have to make these!!!

Katy said...

Those look fantastic!!! YUM! Oh...i love recipe books with handwritten recipes all sweet and charming!!

Jenny said...

That looks like a very yummy recipe.
I have old recipes in a book too. Classics that I always go back to.