Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a regime

"I have a regime. I eat a plum everyday, that is my regime"
That is one of many favorite Seinfeld quotes.
Last night Holly and I began training for our triathlon. Surprisingly, I'm not too sore. I'm more stiff than anything. After spending the day at the pool (happy days the sun is back) Holly asked me if I wanted to go for a run. Yeah, I don't run. However, Holly is a master of persuasion and talked me into it.
We live in a pretty hilly neighborhood, but fortunately there is one little loop that is flat and it is a mile exactly. We did the loop twice walking and running. I figure I ran about half the way, so I'm pretty excited about that. I was able to keep dinner down (lesson learned: run BEFORE dinner) and avoided any side aches. We are going to run again tomorrow. The local gym holds a "Turkey Trot" on the morning of Thanksgiving. I have done the 3K walk, but this year we are going to do the 5K run. Yikes!!
Today is another sunny day here in Western WA. We were getting worried that August had gone on vacation, but it is back and should be a warm one. The sprinkler guy is coming today to finish fixing our sprinkler system that has resembled swiss cheese the past few years. When we bought the house I was sooooo excited to have sprinklers and our grass actually stayed green and lush. Unfortunately, some landscaping resulted in busted pipes and it just became too much for Joji to constantly repair. So we bit the bullet and called in the pros. There is no sweeter sound that sprinklers coming on by themselves at 5:30 am. Green grass here we come.
Ben is up and rumbling around. I better go and make him breakfast. Happy Tuesday!!


debra said...

Good job on starting the training. Almost everyday I think about starting to run. But mostly I walk. Maybe when it cools down - I think I say that every year. :)

~ Jamie ~ said...

That is so exciting that starting your training. Good for you!