Monday, August 25, 2008


This is getting ridiculous.
It hasn't stopped raining for the past 2 weeks. Oh sure you might get a sunbreak here and there, but seriously, I'm on the look out for an arc.
School is just nine days away and we are finishing up last minute details. Today includes a trip to the dentist and shoe shopping. After lunch we have a playdate and those are always fun. Maybe we will get lucky and the rain will stop for a few hours. Playing Princess and Power Rangers is a lot more fun outdoors.

The past few days have been pretty lackluster and not a lot to blog about. The one exciting bit of my weekend was the fact that my best friend Jenny P. came to town.

We went to lunch yesterday down on the Tacoma waterfront. We went to the Ram. Jenny ordered a "Buttface" (hehehe)I would have too, but I was driving. We had the best time. We just sat and chatted away. She really needs to move back to Washington. I miss her. I am definitely going to pop down to AZ for a visit.

Here is a pic of us. It is not the best. I was having a really good hair day, but the run from the restaurant to the car in the torrential downpour kind of killed it. I was hoping to get a pic of us at the restaurant with beautiful Commencement Bay in the background, but no dice. Oh well, maybe next time.


WSU Laura said...

I know what is up with this weather?! Love the picture and your hair looks FABULOUS!!!! Hey I gave you an award on my blog.

debra said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain. That's one good thing about AZ but we pay for it with the blazin' heat. It's always fun to get together with an old friend. It's like you just pick up where you left off.

Thanks for your comments about the girl scout thing. I agree that Girl Scouts is really worthwhile so I hope I didn't make it sound like it isn't. I know it will all work out. I was a GS all the way up to Cadettes. Things have just changed I guess & I just try to keep my mouth shut. So hard to do...

~ Jamie ~ said...

We could use a little rain here. It has been so hot! How fun you got to spend some time with your friend.