Friday, August 8, 2008

Knowing When to Say When

I finally broke down and started pricing my stuff, but then I realized that the amount of stuff was a lot less then I had originally thought. Not only that, the ratio of "fun stuff" to clothes and kids toys was way out of balance. Suddenly it hit me. If I was driving by my own garage sale, I probably would not stop. Ouch.
As I sat looking at my stuff I began to calculate what the potential take was (of course I cut in half to be realistic) Some how the idea of giving up my Saturday for 50 bucks became less and less appealing. So I made the executive decision to cancel my sale.

To make myself feel less like a flake, I have convinced myself that donating all of the stuff will ensure good thrifting karma in the future. The clothes will be taken to our local school clothing bank. I know Ben will be a little disappointed. He was really good about letting his stuff go with the promise of cash, but I'm sure he will understand. I will bring him with me to the clothing bank so he can see the good he is doing. Ben is a sensitive kid, he will get it.

So now I am able to go to bed without the stress of a garage sale hanging over my head. I will sleep peacefully and not dream about pricing, hanging signs or the frantic last minute rush to get it all done. My day is now free. What is on the agenda?? Garage saling of course :0)

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Anonymous said...

I've never held a garage sale. I always donate things. I think what you are doing is smart.