Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

While I was ecstatic that the rain came yesterday validating my decision to cancel my garage sale, I have to say I was disappointed it decided to actually stick around and continue to rain on and off all day.

After my cookie baking, I went to downtown Tacoma to keep my friend Holly company while she worked the Tacoma Art Showcase. Tacoma has come a long way over the past few years. There is no longer the "aroma of Tacoma" and the downtown is going through a total renewal now that there is University of Washington Tacoma branch there. The once very scary streets (when I was in college, I had the misfortune to take the greyhound home and found myself downtown at the bus station at 11:00 at night- VERY scary. I would NEVER do that again) are now full of cute shops and restaurants. I think it has everything Seattle has, but everything is more reasonably priced and there is actual street parking. Anyway, Tacoma is trying to build up it's artiness and they have hosted this art show/walk thing for a few years and this was the first year for Holly's gallery to participate. If it hadn't rained off and on all day, the crowds might have been larger. At about 5:30 the skies opened up and we had a dozy of a shower. At that point the festival, which was scheduled to run until 9 came to very soggy end at 6. Oh well, for the amount of folks who were there, we had a lot of people come in and get info on the gallery and artists being featured.

Holly had some really cool looking art. My favorite by far was the work of local artist Kathy Hastings. She is a photographer who kayaks around the docks in Seattle taking pictures of rusty ship hulls. Be sure to check out her "waterlines" series. A-Mazing!! There was one little piece that I especially liked. It was a picture of a number six, the blues in the piece were just so pretty, completely "my shades" of blue. Holly being the super sweetie that she is, gave it to me as thank you for keeping her company.
She didn't have to do that, I had fun just hanging out and enjoying the interpretive dancers tell the story of how tortoise got this shell not once, but twice.

So here is my new real art. I just love it. Right now it is hanging in the kitchen. The red walls really make it pop. I'm not sure if it will stay there, but I'm liking it for now. If you also find yourself moved by Kathy's art, contact Holly and she can hook you up. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. The rain seems to have moved on and I'm thinking a trip to the pool may be in our future. Happy Sunday everyone :0)

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Jenny said...

I looked at Kathy Hastings site. I really like her photographs of the numbers.